How do people do stuff

I spend a lot of time wondering.

Today I spent time wondering about how some people have the courage to do the things they do.  I’m not talking about the big things like climbing Everest or doing ultra marathons or even triathlons. The people who do these activities are a cut above the rest and are driven by desires that are deeper than most of us will ever experience.

I’m talking about the ordinary things like just going for a run or riding a bike around town. Activities that require a normal amount of self confidence.  How do people find it in themselves to partake in the passtimes that our society allows?

When I’m by the river I see people out on boats having a great time paddling or sailing with great sense of empowerment.  Along the path there are cyclists and runners who zip along as though they are being perfectly normal and are accepted for being active.

Then there are the truly brave, those who go to a gym or a pool like these are totally normal activities. In groups they enjoy public activities becoming stronger and better with every passing moment. Completely oblivious of any judgemental looks from onlookers.

My amazement doesn’t end at the physical activities I also wonder how some people manage to go to a café or even gallery. How do you sit alone and enjoy a coffee or wander the halls of a gallery lost in the beauty of art?

I’m just a dog but I do wonder about things.