My first spring 2013

Spring is the season for love.  At least that’s what the greeting card companies will have you believe.  I have to admit that I’m a bit of a softy for love and spring because my first spring was with this great family who adopted me.

This is a photo of me my very first spring.   I guess I’m four or five months old here.  The concept of puddles was new to me and I found them fascinating.  I was checking out the whirlpool where the water was draining into a pipe.

We had a lot of fun that day playing in the water.  Even the kids rode their bikes through the puddles.

We laughed hard and had a great time.   It’s the stuff great memories are made of.  I swear every clean freak for miles around was having migraines that day.  It’s was great getting all muddy and the warm shower after felt amazing.

Those were good times and even though I’m two years older I still like to close my eyes and feel the love this family has shown me.  My adoption has been a real blessing for me and the the family.

That’s all for now

Remember Buddy loves you ❤️


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