I’m Blind! (Not Really)

It was decided that the house needed some new curtains or blinds.

Blondie and Baldy are not the type of people to enter these projects lightly.  Many months of procrastination and thinking and talking have taken place.  To be fair the amount of talking, discussing, planning, thinking is more than NASA needed to put Niel Armstrong in space.

Finally after much ado the process of accumulating all the required supplies has taken place. The Internet was buzzing with online orders for all of the materials.  Orders were coming in from around the globe. I’m not kidding, a 50ft roll of Velcro was ordered from South Korea cheaper than we could find anywhere else. Fabric came from Toronto and hardware from God knows where.

A new sewing machine was bought to handle the industrial sized chunks of fabric, miles and miles of thread were procured.  All of this is now filling my dining room.

The next step was the obvious procrastination step, nobody rushes into anything around here.  I’m living in what looks like a third world sweat shop with no sweat happening.  Fabric and findings are all over the place and no action.  That is until this week.

The dining room table was turned into a curtain factory then plans were changed and it was turned into a blind factory.  The only constants in my life are sleep and change apparently.

More procrastination or was it planning? It’s hard to tell sometimes.  Yesterday there was wood being cut in the basement then there was gluing and screwing and lots of sewing.

Today was full of spurts of energy as the two of them did what people do when they do things. I was exhausted just being in the same house as them.

So now it’s the end of the day and guess what? That’s right still no blinds hanging.

Tommorow will bring another day of thinking, planning and procrastinating for them and endless napping for me.


Buddy loves you ❤️


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